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FAQ’s on Chipped or Cracked Teeth from Our Dentist in Victorville

Having a chipped or cracked tooth can affect your smile and put that tooth at risk of decay or infections. Patients in Victorville can get treatment for cracked or chipped teeth from Dr. Hattar.

women getting cracked tooth treatment with a dentist in Victorville

What are some common types of chips and cracks?

When you have a chipped or cracked tooth, you might only have a superficial crack or chip that requires cosmetic treatment to fix. However, there are more serious types of cracks and chips that need other types of treatments. These include cusp fractures, deep tooth fractures, vertical tooth fractures and whole tooth cracks. 

What is a cusp fracture?

A cusp fracture occurs when you damage the part of your tooth that you use for chewing. If this happens, you might need to have a crown placed on it in order to restore it to its normal function.

What is a deep tooth fracture?

A deep tooth fracture is a more serious type of crack that can end up exposing the nerves inside your tooth. This can lead to considerable discomfort and increased tooth sensitivity. 

What is a vertical tooth fracture?

A vertical tooth fracture extends from the root of your tooth to the cusp. This type of crack usually inflames tissue, which typically causes pain. Vertical tooth fractures can cause the root of your tooth to split, leading to the need for tooth extraction.

What is a whole tooth crack?

A whole tooth crack goes from the surface of your tooth to the nerve inside it, although it does not cause your tooth to split. 

What are the treatment options for cracked or chipped teeth?

The treatment you will need for a crack or chip depends on how severe it is and what kind it is. Dr. Hattar offers several treatment options, including sanding, filling and bonding, caps, crowns, enamel shaping and sculpting and veneers. 

What is sanding?

Sanding involves making rough spots on teeth smoother for a more even appearance.

What are fillings and bondings?

Filling and bonding involve using a resin or enamel filling in your affected tooth. This causes this tooth to look more like your natural, healthy teeth.

What are caps and crowns?

Caps are coverings for chipped or cracked teeth that improve their appearance. Crowns go on teeth that have had cusp fractures in order to stop these cracks from getting worse. 

What are enamel shaping and sculpting?

This involves carefully sculpting tooth enamel to give it a more even appearance. 

What are veneers?

Dental veneers cover chipped or cracked teeth in order to improve their appearance. 

How much do crowns and veneers cost?

At our Victorville dentist offices,Lava(ceramic or metal free) crown or veneer is $700. Normal price is $1,200.

Contact Our Dentist in Victorville for Cracked and Chipped Teeth

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth that needs to be treated, contact our dentist in Victorville or Victorville to make an appointment. Dr. Hattar offers caps, crowns, bonding and other forms of treatment

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