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Your Dentist in Victorville

Dentist in Victorville, Victorville dentist

Dr. Hattar Dental offers two locations to best serve the needs of San Bernadino County residents. Both locations are staff with quality oral care professionals who support Dr. Hattar as he cares for your teeth. Our staff and dentist in Victorville stay current on oral care needs by attending workshops and earning continuing education credits so you receive the best care and service.

Our goal is to maintain and support your oral health so you remain pain-free and healthy. We do this by performing extensive cleanings and examinations every six months. This helps us stay current on your teeth and we identify any concerns immediately before they turn into larger issues.

We welcome patients of all ages to our family-friendly Victorville dentist dentist clinic. Our friendly staff eases children's concerns and makes each visit enjoyable and educational. We instruct your family on the best ways to floss and brush your teeth so you stay current on your oral care. Since we are able to provide a variety of services in our two locations, your family becomes part of our family. We speak three languages to accommodate your needs- English, Arabic and Spanish and we welcome the opportunity to provide you quality oral care.

Meet Our Friendly Staff and Dentist

We surround you with smiles and laughter as we gently care for your teeth. If you need more than your check-ups and cleanings, you have peace of mind knowing that Dr. Hattar cares for your needs. We are able to perform tooth extractions and root canals if needed. We also offer orthodontic services to reposition your teeth or help reduce jaw discomfort from TMJ. Dr. Hattar cares for your overall health by adjusting your care to alleviate sleep apnea and can also help reduce headaches. We want you to maintain healthy teeth throughout your life, but if necessary, we also prepare bridges, crowns, veneers or implants as needed. Our services are gentle and affordable and care for your entire family.

Our staff also knows that your visit here may be for cosmetic reasons. We are happy to help you with teeth whitening to eliminate stains or tooth repair to fix cracks. Your smile is important to us and our goal is to have you leave our office feeling better than when you arrived. If you are dealing with an emergency such as an infection or broken tooth, we accommodate you and care for your needs. Our staff is qualified, certified and experienced so you are able to sit back and relax while we care for your teeth.

Contact Our Victorville Dentist Today

Dr. Hattar Dental is a place for you to release your concerns knowing that will take care of your needs. We are always happy to see you and will accommodate your language needs, oral health care needs and budget concerns. Please call us to schedule your visit today in Victorville at 760-243-3595.

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